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by | Jun 21, 2021 | RICE COOKER

Weltherm home appliances store is designed to allow you to run your home efficiently and smoothly. From air purifiers, water purifiers, room heaters, irons to geysers, you need not venture anyplace else for your daily needs. Shop for home appliances online on Weltherm by filtering within top-selling brands, discounts and bank offer for best results.

Purpose Of Weltherm Gas Heater

Weltherm Electric Hot Plate Cooking Stove | Electric Cooking Heater | G Coil Stove | Electric Chulha | Electrical Gas Stove | Coil Hot Plate | Induction Cooktop | Electric Heater | Electric Food Warmer Is A Perfect Multipurpose Small Kitchen Appliance For Home, Office, Hostel, Restaurants & Hotels. It Can Cook Food Faster Than Traditional LPG Gas Stoves. It Is Shock Proof & Made Of Incoloy Heating Element Which
Is Energy Saver And Provide Fast Heating. Weltherm Cooktop Comes With Internal | External Wire Cord
Made Of Heavy Duty Copper. It Is Easily Portable So You Can Cook & Warm Food Anywhere Apart From
Kitchen, For Example, Drawing Room, Living Room & Bedroom Etc. It Can Also Be Used As Electric Room
Heater, Food Warmer Because Of Its Heating Coil. Weltherm Cooktop Has Special Feature So You Can Use
It With Any Type Of Metal Cookware. This Electric Stove Is For All Utensils.


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