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A kitchen is complete only when you have the basic utensils and kitchen appliances. You can use the various available appliances for cooking delicious food items. You can do so without putting in much effort. Plus, by using most of them, you can cook your meals in no time. For  example, if you want to make a bowl of chutney, then instead of doing so manually, you can simply use a mixer grinder and prepare it within minutes. You can check out the different types of commercial kitchen equipment and smart kitchen appliances to make your cooking
experience better and less time-consuming. You can check out the varied types of appliances for
your kitchen in any retail kitchen appliances store. However, if you do not want to spend your
time at a store, then you can check out your required kitchen appliances online. And, if you want
to buy kitchen appliances at pocket-friendly prices, then you can open the Weltherm site and do
so at your leisure. The number of options that are on the site will make you want to buy them all.
Make your time in the kitchen all the more convenient and hassle-free with kitchen appliances.
From preparing the ingredients and cooking food to cleaning up the mess, these appliances offer
great help and cut short your time in the kitchen.

Infrared Cooker

Infrared cooktops are made from quartz infrared heating lamps in corrosion-
protected metal dish. The lamps are usually surrounded by radiant coils to emit even radiant
heat. This radiant heat transfers direct infrared heat to the pot. You’ll find infrared cooktops have
a higher energy efficiency than solid electric coils by as much as 3 times more efficiency. The
benefit of infrared cookers over induction cookers: any type of pots and pans can be used.

Infrared Cooker is faster to cook the majority of food- 3 x faster than traditional methods, doesn’t
generate heat and keeps your kitchen cooler, Cooks your food very evenly, not hot or cold spots,
Retains a higher moisture content in food.

Weltherm Rice

Cooker With a Weltherm rice cooker, all you need to do is put rice and a
measured quantity of water. After that, plug in the cooker to the electrical connection, and turn
it on.

Benefits of Weltherm Rice Cooker:

1. It cooks the rice for you automatically: You’re not required to fuss over the rice cooker like
you would in a saucepan or other cooking vessel. Just measure the rice and liquid, set the lid,
and turn the machine on. The rice cooker will then shut off its cook mode when the cycle is
2. It keeps your rice warm: Once the rice cooker finishes its cooking cycle, most models offer a
warming feature. That allows you to keep the rice warm without overcooking it while you finish up
the rest of your meal.
3. It is easy to clean: Although there are some exceptions, Weltherm countertop rice cookers
offer components that are safe to put in the dishwasher.




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